If used consistently (a half hour or more per day) over long periods of time (months, years), listening to brainwave entrainment beats will cause psychological change, and might cause profound psychological change. Presumably that is why you are doing this, but now it is explicit.

If you are consciously aware of, or consciously suspect, that you have severe psychological traumas that you have repressed, do not use brainwave entrainment beats until you have resolved the traumas or are comfortable that you can deal with them if they become conscious. Very helpful to deal with such emotional issues is EFT ( There are other effective techniques (see the help file or, but I have found EFT to be easy to learn, easy to use, and fast acting, as well as effective. It doesn't hurt that the instruction manual is free. While you can get great results using just the written instructions, once you have some experience I recommend buying a training DVD or attending a live course. Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter as you will be exposed to lots of people dealing with lots of issues in various ways, expanding your repertoire. There is also an extensive archive for the newsletter free to search and read.

The use (overuse?) of brainwave entrainment beats can lead to a condition called overwhelm. Overwhelm can be recognized by a disinterest in living, feelings that nothing matters, why bother, irrational anger, irritability, etc. It is caused by the disturbance of too many emotional issues at once. If this begins to happen, stop listening until you regain your balance. Again, EFT ( is helpful in this regard. Practitioners usually experience this because they want to change faster and so are overdoing it. Brain wave entrainment is best used as a gentle technique that slowly alters your being. As you gain experience, overwhelm will become less and less an issue because your brain will have learned how to adapt.

If you aren't careful with the amplitudes/volumes you can damage your hearing. Start at low amplitudes/volumes and increase slowly!

I have read on the internet that there is a slight chance that brainwave entrainment beats in the Theta range (4 Hz to 8 Hz) can put susceptible people into a seizure. Susceptible people, as I understand it, are those prone to epileptic fits. The danger seems to be most specifically to do with beats created by lights flashing in the eyes, This should not apply to beats generated by discord, but just in case, you have been warned.

Given the above potential drawbacks, why would you use brain wave entrainment? Over time you will find yourself becoming more solid, more there, more centered while at the same time in a seeming contradiction becoming lighter and freer. The texture of your life will change for the better. Things that used to bother you, or events and memories that haunted you will just stop having any effect on you. Limitations that you didn't even know existed or question will melt away. Usually this won't happen with any fanfare. One day you'll be in a situation and suddenly notice that you are behaving differently than you did in the past. People you know might comment on how you've changed. So, be cognizant of the potential problems, but also realize that there are rewards.

Finally, if you practice some flavor of formal meditation, the use of brain wave entrainment will enhance your practice. Is it a replacement for formal mediation? Not in my opinion. But just as a skier will have a better experience with strength and aerobic training, so too will a meditator with brain wave entrainment. Try it, you'll like it. :-)